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The Maisner Centre
For Eating Disorders
PO Box 464, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3UG
Phone: 01273 729818
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  Do You Have An Eating Disorder?

Yes No
1.(a) Do you have panic desires for certain foods?
   (b) Do you recognise real physical hunger?
   (c) If you do, do you eat when you are not hungry?
   (d) Are you fully aware of what you eat?
2. Do you look forward with pleasure and anticipation to the momenbt when you can eat by yourself?
3. Do you eat sensibly before others and make up for it when you are alone?
4. Do you have feelings of guilt and remorse every time you eat?
5. Do you have feelings of guilt and remorse every time you over-eat?
6. Do you plan your secret binges ahead of time?
7. If you were eating a cake or sweets, could you eat only half and leave the rest? (eg. could you leave, say, half a Mars bar?)
8. Do you enjoy cooking for others, although you do not enjoy eating what you have cooked?
9. Do you avoid socialising because of your inability to cope with food?
10. Do you find it difficult to refuse food when you are depressed?
11. When eating with others, do you eat the same as everyone else because you are embarrassed to ask for what you know is better for you?
12. Do you feel awkward when eating with others?
13. Are your table manners the same when you eat alone as they are when you eat in public?
14. Are you able to leave food on your plate?
15. Are your eating habits costing you an excessive amount of money?
16. Are you ever afraid to weigh yourself?
17. Do you think about food and your weight constantly?
18. Does your well-being depend on whether you have a "good" eating day or "bad" eating day?

  Add your score as follows:

  Sometimes Yes No       Sometimes Yes No
1. (a) 1 2 0     9. 2 4 0
    (b) 1 0 2     10. 2 4 0
    (c) 1 2 0     11. 2 4 0
    (d) 1 0 2     12. 2 4 0
2. 2 4 0     13. 2 0 4
3. 2 4 0     14. 2 0 4
4. 2 4 0     15. 2 4 0
5. 2 4 0     16. 1 2 0
6. 2 4 0     17. 2 4 0
7. 2 0 4     18. 1 2 0
8. 2 4 2            

Now answer these questions and add them to your score: Put the relevant number in the appropriate box and add numbers to your total score.

1 How many slimming advice magazines have you read in the last few months?
2 How many diets have you tried in the last 12 months?
3 By how many pounds has your weight fluctuated in the past 12 months in an excess of 5lb, not including premenstrual days?
4 How many times have you joined a slimming club?
5 How many times a week do you weigh yourself?
6 How many times have you vomited this month?
7 How many times have you starved or semi-starved yourself this month?
8 How many times have you abused laxitives this month?

What your score means:
Score of 0-10: It is obvious you do not have an eating disorder of any description. Lucky you!
Score of 10-50: It is possible you could be suffering to a certain degree with an eating disorder, whether or not you are admitting this fact to yourself.
Over 50: You will have to face up to the fact that you have an eating problem sooner or later, if you have not done so already.

Questionnaire form The Food Trap, by Paulette Maisner and Rosemary Turner, published by Allen & Unwin, 4.50

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