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The Maisner Centre
For Eating Disorders
PO Box 464, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3UG
Phone: 01273 729818
Email: Click here

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The Maisner Centre

I started the Maisner Centre in 1981. I was myself bulimic and a compulsive eater for most of my life. Having managed finally to get my life and eating under control, I recognised that my approach, consequent understanding and final achievement would be of help to other sufferers who were as desperate for help as I had been.

I am the co-author of five books: "Feasting and Fasting", "The Food Trap", "Life is an Elevator", "Excuses Won't Cure You" and "Consuming Passions". I am recognised as a leading expert on eating disorders and my work has been featured on national and international newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes.

Can You Help Me?

I can help both men and women with most eating problems. The Maisner Method has proved equally successful with any degree of compulsive eating, be it one Mars Bar too many, continual nibbling, full-blown binges or generally being out of control around food. The therapy is very successful for cases of bulimia nervosa and for those people who have suffered from anorexia in the past and now have a compulsive eating problem.

The course also works for failed dieters, those unable to maintain weight loss and those obsessed with food and calorie counting; also night eating and food cravings.

Whenever you phone you will speak to me personally, and not to third parties. Everything is 100% confidential and nothing will appear on your medical records. This can be important as far as your career is concerned.

Phone me on 01273 729818 for an informal,
no obligation chat or email me.

The Maisner Centre For Eating Disorders
PO Box 464, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3UG

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